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 Chris Peters aka The Toilet Titan had a vision to create a unique website and add a personal touch to his professional brand. He already had a brilliant business card design in hand, but he needed a website to match. The Toilet Titan requested a logo design along with a place to blog his humorous “cleaning capers” stories. The website needed a fun space to inform clients of the Toilet Titan’s products and services while also offering cleaning tips and tricks to the general public. He had a specific need for a website that could estimate cleaning budgets for potential clients, so naturally I created a custom budget calculator to meet his needs all while staying within his budget requests. Chris has also received annual consultation strategy plans to continuously look towards improvements.

The Toilet Titan logo. Words with toilet paper and plunger icons.
  • Logo Design

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design

  • WordPress CMS System

  • Custom Budget Calculator

  • Social Media Features

  • Website Hosting

  • UI/UX Design

Screen capture of the full landing page of
Screen captures of budget calculating tool.