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Affinity Corp, LLC

Website design, development, email configuration, hosting, and ongoing support.

Affinity Corp recently sought assistance with their website and email systems, reaching out to me for development, design, hosting, and ongoing support. They encountered reliability issues with their previous hosting service, prompting the need for a more dependable solution.

I am thrilled to have collaborated with Affinity Corp, addressing their concerns and providing effective solutions to elevate their online presence.

Upon analysis of Affinity Corp’s requirements, I initiated the process by configuring hosting on their behalf. I arranged to migrate their current email, and began developing their new website.

I quickly created, migrated, and reconfigured their email. Following email setup, I tailored a website design and developed features specific to their needs. I aimed to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for their audience using WordPress, Divi Theme Builder, and custom css when necessary.

Top features needed for the website: Property listings for sale with different category status. Place to display portfolio work and a contact page.

Throughout the project, my focus extended beyond the initial setup. I offered comprehensive ongoing support to ensure smooth operations. This encompassed troubleshooting, regular maintenance, and prompt assistance, guaranteeing that Affinity Corp’s online platforms function optimally.

The successful collaboration with Affinity Corp exemplifies the importance of reliable hosting and ongoing support in maintaining a strong online presence. This project showcased my expertise in delivering tailored solutions and fostering enduring partnerships.

Affinity Corp. Logo has text says "Design, Develop, Construct" Image is two triangles and a circle image.
  • Email Configuration

  • Hosting Configuration

  • Website Design & Development

  • WordPress CMS System

  • Ongoing support

Image of screenshot of property listings feature on a website. Primarily is an image of a house.
Image is screenshot of a section on the homepage of Affinity website. Image shows modern kitchen cabinets.